Just want to say (like a massive number of the other parents), thank you all so so much for the kidsclub scheme this Easter, xxxxxx  has absolutely loved it and we have been so incredibly happy with the amount of amazing things she got to experience with you all and love that you ‘get’ her, it really means the world to us, keep up the fab work! : ) looking forward to seeing you all again soon and seeing xxxxx face light up when she realises she gets to see you all again : ) xxx


I could have wrote this about xxxxxxx! I echo everything xxxxx has just said… Thank you very much French Squared and all staff 🙂 x


Just wanted to take this opportunity, to thank you , and all who have worked with xxxxx, during the Easter break period. xxxxx has enjoyed his time at the centre immensely and has genuinely looked forward to every visit. He has particularly enjoyed the quality support from xxxxxx and other staff who are all clearly excellent at what they do. I think he has most enjoyed the time he spent in the “Jungle” and when I arrived early on one occasion he couldn’t wait to show me what he could do!!


Both xxxx mum and I have been really impressed yet again by the professional and caring attitude of the team and the progress that they achieve with xxxx in what is such a short space of time. What makes it even more remarkable is that so many staff are all volunteers!


xxxx thrives in an environment where he has one to one and I hope that the service you provide will continue long into the future, helping xxxx and lots of other children with complex needs during the school holidays.


I think that xxx really enjoyed the Kidz Club and hopefully benefitted by having some of his sensory processing difficulties looked at. I love having the feedback in the form of the book with photos and comments.


I really hope that xxxx  has the opportunity to come to the Kidz Club again.

Thank you so much for a fantastic Easter Kidz club, xxxxx  really
enjoyed it, he loved the addition of the Judo too, he is looking
forward to the next scheme – so I would be grateful if you could put
his name down please.


I wanted to say thank you for organising such a wonderful scheme.  Xxxx  benefitted from the scheme so much. Could you please book him a place for next  half term.


We took xxxx to the zoo on Wednesday and he behaved very differently (from before). He actually spent more time out of his wheelchair than in it. He was so keen to keep on walking and even breaking in to a small run at times. Normally xxxx  would insist on staying in his wheelchair for almost all of the time. It was great to see him so active and I’ve never seen him do so much walking in one day. He was very happy and really enjoyed himself.  This is such good progress for xxxx.


Thanx for sending me the new dates for August ,  both my children look forward to and only come to frenchsquared breaks as they have been excluded from other schemes


I would like to say how Super all the guys and dolls at french squared was this scheme ..my children enjoyed this so very much the members of the team as per usual were professional friendly and simply wonderful .. Both my Children absolutely loved the Quad Biking and thought this was a awesome day !!


I would like to say although you do as per usual keep up the great work


Thanks so very much


Good, really enjoyed the training, explained very well and will use the information, very good, information will help me lots, the course was good I now will go and try some of these on my child.

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