Training and Professional Development Course

Buddy Training:

French Squared offer a 2 day training course for anyone interested in working with children and young people with Special Needs. Sessions usually run from 10:00am – 3:30pm, covering relevant areas like; introduction to Positive Behaviour Management, Assessment, Safeguarding, Alternative Communication (PECS and Makaton), Sensory Integration Approaches, Manual Handling and multi-disciplinary working.


This training is held regularly, and it’s very useful and highly recommended especially if you are looking to take part as a volunteer or a play leader in our clubs. You must book with us to reserve your place. Contact us to book yourself or a friend for the next training.


Sensory Integration Training

Essentially, this training explains why some children and young people have difficulties integrating and processing their sensory input. It goes to teach delegates how this affects the sensory experiences and subsequent child development in some children. This training explains sensory processing in three cardinal areas:

  • A child actively seeks sensation via all sensory systems to develop adaptive responses and refined movement required for future academic learning.
  • Inner Drive: children have the innate ability to develop and learn through action, laying down memory and developing further skillsFinally it imparts skills to support children and young people with SEND to cope with sensory related difficulties.
  • Children will attach meaning to sensations and learn to control responses to stimulus increasing attention to higher cognitive tasks with development

We do offer this training to clients ranging from, NHS Trusts, schools, to families with children with SEND. If interested or want to know more about this training please contact our team using contact details in the contact page.